Rocky Mountain offers two modalities of training: first flight courses, and one-on-one coaching


This program includes:

Ground instruction (60-90 minutes) from how to don a suit to all the required pre-jump and in-flight procedures Free use of a school suit
Supervision on the ground and in the air from our wingsuit coach
Debrief & logbook endorsement
Copy of the jump’s video recording

Requirements for the first jump:

CSPA B CoP or FAI equivalent
A minimum of 200 logged skydives (please provide your logbook for review)
A docile, square or semi-elliptical main canopy with a wing loading < 1.5 lbs/sqft
A working automatic activation device
Both a visual and an audible altimeter

$100 CAD plus the coach’s jump ticket

Tailored Wingsuit Coaching

Rocky Mountain Wingsuit also offers coaching to wingsuit pilots looking to improve their current skills. From basic relative work and acrobatic manoeuvres to more advanced skills, such as performance, back flying and carving, we will tailor a program to your needs.

All coached jumps include pre and post-jump briefing as well as video recording.

Cost: $45 CAD plus the coach’s jump ticket.